How Menstrual Cups Will Change Your Period Game

Dear menstruators (and curious others),

If you haven’t heard of or tried a menstrual cup yet, now is the time.

The planet and your body will thank you.

Read on, my bleeding brethren and siphoning sistren, and rejoice.

The future of periods is here.


A Cup Convert circa 2015

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Developing a Preloved Practice

As I mentioned in my style article recently, the ethical overhaul on my life began around the time I went vegan over five years ago. As I learned about the atrocities committed by the agriculture industry on animals, workers, and the planet, it opened my eyes to the reality that most modern for-profit industries and big businesses act in much the same way. That is, with very little regard for the impact they are having on the world around them.

The explosion in popularity of low and zero waste living recently has inspired me to start this series and share with you how I go about living as low waste as possible in a world so obsessed with newness, updating, trends, and *shudders* plastic. I am beginning with the top three ways I ensure most of the stuff I own is secondhand. Keep your eye out in future for articles about my pantry and my personal care products, too.

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