Life Update: 2019 Reflections

I have included an audio recording of the post for the first time. I intend to do this for every post from now on (and might even go back and record my older posts, as well).
This is for two main reasons: preference and accessibility!

It’s been a big year for me. Probably my biggest year to date, at least in terms of growth. I started the year in quite a vulnerable state, wondering what I had done to deserve this or that. Just as I was recovering from one heartbreak, more heartache tapped me on the shoulder, opened me up, and undid all the stitches I had painstakingly placed throughout 2018. It felt like the world was doing things to me, instead of the other way around. Then I flipped my mindset. I decided in a single moment that I would take control back in my life. That I would live purposefully. That I would challenge myself; do things that scared me; stop being afraid of success. So I did. And it changed everything.

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Is Escapism Healthy?

In the first part of this series, I talked about my history with escapism and the positive effects of one series in particular that I’m certain you’ve heard of.

Escapism can be defined as the act of seeking relief and distraction from unpleasant realities, often by way of entertainment and fantasy. Escapism has been critiqued by many. They deem it irresponsible and describe it as a way to avoid real life responsibility. Googling the term shows up countless results with similar implications – that escapism is avoidance; that one should snap back to reality; that one should leave their fantasy world; that there are nasty consequences. But I believe escapism can be a healthy coping mechanism for children and adults alike, to a reasonable degree.

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How to Develop Your Personal Style

As someone in their mid-twenties who values style, but is also determined to reduce their impact as much as possible, incorporating ethics into my wardrobe has been challenging to say the least. Since breaking free from my awkward emo phase almost a decade ago, I have slowly but surely developed my personal style. Honestly, it’s still a work in progress.

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