Life Update: 2019 Reflections

I have included an audio recording of the post for the first time. I intend to do this for every post from now on (and might even go back and record my older posts, as well).
This is for two main reasons: preference and accessibility!

It’s been a big year for me. Probably my biggest year to date, at least in terms of growth. I started the year in quite a vulnerable state, wondering what I had done to deserve this or that. Just as I was recovering from one heartbreak, more heartache tapped me on the shoulder, opened me up, and undid all the stitches I had painstakingly placed throughout 2018. It felt like the world was doing things to me, instead of the other way around. Then I flipped my mindset. I decided in a single moment that I would take control back in my life. That I would live purposefully. That I would challenge myself; do things that scared me; stop being afraid of success. So I did. And it changed everything.

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Birthday Blues

I can’t remember being particularly sad about my birthday since I was a young girl. In a classic tale of childhood woe, hardly anyone showed up to one of my birthday parties and it was like the world had ended. It was at an indoor fun park with a ball pit, but even that couldn’t entice the cool kids to come. In the spirit of naivety and untarnished optimism, I was very sad very briefly, then brushed it off and had fun with the few who did show up – though it marked the beginning of my indifference.

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