Life Update: 2019 Reflections

I have included an audio recording of the post for the first time. I intend to do this for every post from now on (and might even go back and record my older posts, as well).
This is for two main reasons: preference and accessibility!

It’s been a big year for me. Probably my biggest year to date, at least in terms of growth. I started the year in quite a vulnerable state, wondering what I had done to deserve this or that. Just as I was recovering from one heartbreak, more heartache tapped me on the shoulder, opened me up, and undid all the stitches I had painstakingly placed throughout 2018. It felt like the world was doing things to me, instead of the other way around. Then I flipped my mindset. I decided in a single moment that I would take control back in my life. That I would live purposefully. That I would challenge myself; do things that scared me; stop being afraid of success. So I did. And it changed everything.

I got a scooter, allowing me a level of independence I had never had before. I stopped taking The Pill after almost a decade, and embraced my natural hormonal cycle. I went to Bali on a whim, where I hiked mountains and dived oceans. I picked up a guitar, and kept picking it up day after day. I got my first paid writing job, and began unlocking my career potential. I lived alone, and learned to rely on myself in every way. I cut off my metre long hair to just below the shoulders, slashing that security blanket once and for all. I helped to start a flourishing vegan social group (Sydney Vegan Social), realising I have a knack for event organisation and leadership. I made a wonderful group of friends, and became more social and extraverted than ever before. In short, I became the protagonist of my own life (literally, from INFJ to ENFJ).

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, of course. Life is bound to have its ups and downs. But your reaction counts more than anything. Instead of dwelling on the negative, accept it, process it, and move on. 

While I certainly got to know myself and my abilities better than ever before this year, I have to acknowledge past Bella. She was just as valid and worthy and successful in her own way… she just needed a little nudge. If I can offer any advice as 2019 comes to a close and we get ready to greet a brand new decade, let it be these three little words: do the thing. 

Trust me.

I have set up Buy Me A Coffee! If you have ever found my writing helpful or insightful, or you just think I’m cute, it’s an easy (and cheap) way to show your support – a big thank you to those who have contributed so far!

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