Life Update: Changing Priorities

I don’t want to say I failed, so I won’t. My priorities just changed. I said I would upload a post here weekly, and I did that consistently for five months, and then… well, life happened. And that’s okay. 

It was good life, though. A bit of a dream come true, actually. I am officially Content Manager for an ethical fashion company! I spend my days writing and editing and planning articles, as well as onboarding and coordinating new writers. Although I have worked in many places over the years, it’s safe to say this feels like my first real job. I don’t mean to detract from people who make retail and hospitality a career – you do you. But this is a job that is a) relevant to my studies and, more importantly, b) relevant to my morals. I can’t begin to describe what a blessing it has been to volunteer and work for ethical companies the past few years, and now it’s turning into something a little more sustainable and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity.

The thing is, I had been debating uprooting my life and moving elsewhere a few short months ago. I told myself that if I didn’t find work that moves me (you know, emotionally) by the time my lease was due to run out midyear, I’d seriously consider leaving Sydney. Lo and behold, a remarkably short time after making that decision, this job fell into my lap. 

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Six months ago, I was pretty down on life. Nothing seemed to be working out. Relationships and jobs fell through over and over again, and I wondered when I would catch a break. Then I made a decision – or rather, a bunch of decisions. I set myself goals; I promised to push myself outside of my comfort zone; to do things that scare me; to take that fear of success and stamp it under my boot. I decided that this was my year. My year to get my life together and do something meaningful. I decided I wanted to live alone, and here I am, two months of living solo and loving the peace and space. I decided to put dating on the back burner and concentrate on my craft and, of course, met some incredible people I am thrilled to have in my life. Really, I decided to live my life more consciously and purposefully, and the results have been staggering. 

Don’t let life pass you by. Pick a passion and run with it, and if it doesn’t work out, take a deep breath, lift your chin, and pick another one. The world has your back 

Now that I am settled into my role, I want to post here more. I can’t let work take up all of my creative energy, I can’t let my passion projects fall by the wayside, and I write here because it feels meaningful – even if it’s just for me. 

If you’re a reader here and don’t follow me on Instagram over at @isobellawolfe but are keen to keep up with my life and read more of my words, I post on there more frequently. I’ve also been busy with helping to run a newly launched meetup group here in Sydney, Sydney Vegan Social. We’ve had a few events now and they have all been a roaring success, so feel free to join if you are a vegan living in or visiting Sydney, and follow our adventures over at @sydneyvegansocial 

I have set up Buy Me A Coffee! If you have ever found my writing helpful or insightful, or you just think I’m cute, it’s an easy (and cheap) way to show your support – a big thank you to those who have contributed so far!

As usual, please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or email me at


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