We Are Angry

We are angry.

We are angry that ignorance, greed and money keep winning above all else.

We are angry that the old white men who have been in power far too long are still there.

We are angry that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us might as well not exist.

We are angry that big business scare tactics and fear campaigns impact votes more than compassion, positivity and inclusivity.

We are angry at the narrow mindedness that prioritises instant gratification over future generations.

We are angry that innocent animals will continue to suffer the horrors of live export.

We are angry at the overwhelming and irreparable biodiversity loss and species extinction.

We are angry that the planet is dying, and the people who have the means to enact real change don’t give a fuck because they won’t be around to witness it.

We are angry that while many nations are declaring a climate emergency and taking the first steps the Earth desperately needs, we are stuck in the dark ages of fossil fuels and fuckery.

We are angry that our fellow Australians kept a party in power that disregards the members of our society who need representation the most.

We are angry women, refugees and migrants; First Nations people and low-income households. We are angry children, people of colour and casual workers; people with disabilities and disadvantages.  We are angry students, renters and people with mental illnesses; job seekers and cancer sufferers.

We are all angry that the progressive nation we cautiously but hopefully glimpsed has come crashing down around us in a pile of corrupted bigots and sexists, racists and ableists, nepotists and climate change deniers.

The planet is dying. Literally nothing else matters if there is no Earth for us to live on. Get your heads out of the sand and take a stand — it’s now or never.


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