Welcome to Ethical Living and Loving

Welcome dear readers, conscious cuties, and ethical lovers.
I’m Isobella, and this is my shiny new blog.

In my posts, you can expect to see a carefully curated combination (read: mishmash) of anecdotal reflections and educational content. Just like in my personal life, I can’t bare the thought of sticking to one thing, so I will be covering a range of topics that most interest me, and that I feel need more exposure in general – enter my tagline (and Instagram hashtag) ethical living and loving. This umbrella term encompasses all things sex, love and relationships, as well as veganism, travel, and ethical living in general. This blog will be sex-positive, vegan-friendly, intersectional, and heartfelt.

My intention is to post weekly. Whether I can stick to that schedule is yet to be seen, but I did it with my YouTube videos for three years, so I am quietly confident. Speaking of videos, I am toying with the idea of accompanying some of these blogs with my actual face, summarising each post in 60 seconds (hello, Instagram friendly content). If that is something you would like to see, please let me know! Feedback is always welcome.

Shameless self promotion aside, it’s time for a bit of Real Talk. The world is pretty messed up. People are being ridiculed, shunned, abused and even killed every single day for things that should be celebrated. For differences that make us all uniquely beautiful, uniquely human. I am setting the intention right now to be a positive, inclusive voice who will try their hardest never to speak over anyone. While I have a lot to say and am very passionate about certain topics including the treatment of historically marginalised populations (people of colour, trans people, people with disabilities, people living below the poverty line or experiencing homelessness, etc.), I know that it is not my place to speak for or over them. If I ever want to discuss the experiences of these groups in relation to sex or veganism, for example, I will either interview someone from the marginalised group or feature them on my blog as a guest writer. It is my hope that this will become an inclusive space where some of the incredible people in my life can share their experiences if they would like to, in between all the waffle I come up with. I want this to be a fun and informative speck of the internet where everyone feels welcome and included. Having said that, I am not perfect. I will do my very best, but if I mess up, please tell me so that I can do better next time.

Serious stuff aside (though never forgotten), here is a little bit about me and my life. I am 26 years old, brushing 6ft, a redhead (bullying articles, I see you in my future), and the biggest dork you will ever meet. Silliness is in my blood, as is singing anything that comes to mind as often as possible, usually to my sweet, naughty cat Lentil. I am passionate about ethical living and loving, consuming copious amounts of cruelty-free food, curling into a ball and reading (mostly epic fantasy and borderline erotica), and seeing as much of the world as I can before Death inevitably tracks me down and leads me to the next great adventure. My passion for words extends beyond English, and one of my life goals is to know five languages at a high level. For now I have English and French, and have made a start on Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese. I have been vegan for five years, and my only regret about that is that I didn’t do it sooner. I have a fantastic relationship with my mother, an unconventional one with my oft absent father (hello, commitment issues), three half-siblings in three different countries, and a small set of people I adore, with whom I share everything but blood. I have a Bachelor of International Studies, a diploma of French language, half a creative writing degree, and intentions to pursue a Master of Cultural Studies in future. I also spend more time gaming and binging Netflix shows than I care to admit, and eat my bodyweight in popcorn weekly. Ahem.

I am thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

What content would you like to see?

I have set up Buy Me A Coffee! If you have ever found my writing helpful or insightful, or you just think I’m cute, it’s an easy (and cheap) way to show your support – a big thank you to those who have contributed so far!

Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments or email me at contact.isobellawolfe@gmail.com


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