The Subtle Art of Feeling a Little Lost

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of writing for other people. It’s hard not to feel like my words are going to waste somehow, like there is a finite string of them in my head that is quickly unravelling, spooling on the page, the page that isn’t truly mine. Sure, my name is in the byline most of the time. And I’m compensated for my efforts. But that’s not what it’s really about.

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The Ones That Got Away

The trouble with innocently scrolling through Facebook is that sometimes you’ll see something that shakes you to the core. No, I don’t mean a graphic video, or your estranged uncle’s seventh campervan purchase, I mean a photo of a baby. A baby you didn’t even know was on the way until that very moment. Or, maybe, the photo of a proposal, or a wedding, or even just a loved-up profile pic. They sound nice enough, so what’s the issue?

Well, one of the people is someone you loved. One of the ones that got away.

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My Top 8 Things That Really Matter in a Partner

I wrote a “List of Perfection” many years ago with my mother over a coffee. It was a fun little bonding moment, brainstorming a bunch of traits and characteristics that my ideal partner would have – 63(!) at the last count. I added things and took things away over the years, and would whip it out, half-jokingly, whenever it started getting semi-serious with someone I was dating. Now, a mere month before I officially enter my late-20s, after two years of being single, it doesn’t feel right anymore. Or rather, it feels like I should write down what really matters, as an exercise of manifestation. I don’t know if it will achieve anything as wonderful as, you know, meeting ~you~, but it will help me feel like I am doing something positive and productive for my love life (or lack thereof).. So, here goes. The top 8 things that actually matter to me in a partner, in no particular order.

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Life Update: 2019 Reflections

I have included an audio recording of the post for the first time. I intend to do this for every post from now on (and might even go back and record my older posts, as well).
This is for two main reasons: preference and accessibility!

It’s been a big year for me. Probably my biggest year to date, at least in terms of growth. I started the year in quite a vulnerable state, wondering what I had done to deserve this or that. Just as I was recovering from one heartbreak, more heartache tapped me on the shoulder, opened me up, and undid all the stitches I had painstakingly placed throughout 2018. It felt like the world was doing things to me, instead of the other way around. Then I flipped my mindset. I decided in a single moment that I would take control back in my life. That I would live purposefully. That I would challenge myself; do things that scared me; stop being afraid of success. So I did. And it changed everything.

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On Being Alone

I roll over and reach for my phone to check the time. 8:30. The perfect sleep in on a rare day off. My hand then travels automatically a little ways down the bed to land on the cat’s head. She chirps good morning, then stretches into a crescent moon so I can pat her tummy once, twice, three times. I smile as my day unfurls in front of me. No work. No plans. No obligations. Just me, spending my time however I want to spend it. Bliss.

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The Problem with Modern Dating

Something about modern dating doesn’t sit right with me. While I’m not one to glorify the past, there was a certain je ne sais quoi about courting and old school monogamy that the hopeless romantic in me is admittedly fond of. I have talked about online dating before, and said that I use dating apps while simultaneously wishing they didn’t exist. But aside from (though undoubtedly encouraged by) these apps, I think it comes down to technology as a whole, and the effect it has had on our interpersonal skills. Or rather, lack thereof. And therein lies the problem with modern dating.

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Life Update: Changing Priorities

I don’t want to say I failed, so I won’t. My priorities just changed. I said I would upload a post here weekly, and I did that consistently for five months, and then… well, life happened. And that’s okay. 

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How Menstrual Cups Will Change Your Period Game

Dear menstruators (and curious others),

If you haven’t heard of or tried a menstrual cup yet, now is the time.

The planet and your body will thank you.

Read on, my bleeding brethren and siphoning sistren, and rejoice.

The future of periods is here.


A Cup Convert circa 2015

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